Battle to save British Steel jobs at Scunthorpe: “If we lose this turn out the lights”

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British Steel was placed into compulsory liquidation on 22 May, putting 5,000 jobs at risk. says it expects to save £750,000 from the move, and will retain control of Heckington Windmill, The.

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British Steel has returned to save 4,800 jobs after buying some of. It means 4,400 British steel jobs have been safeguarded at plants in Scunthorpe, Teeside, Workington and York, as well as 400.

Every effort will be made to save British Steel from disaster, ministers vowed last night. The firm’s owners are demanding a state bailout – with sources putting the chance of saving 25,000 jobs at no better than 50/50. business minister andrew stephenson told the Commons yesterday that.

Furious workers and their families are demanding action to save British. has suffered the most job losses – 40,000 -followed by the West Midlands with 25,800. British Steel worker Frank Giaquinto.

Battle to save British Steel jobs at Scunthorpe: "If we lose this turn out the lights" Workers leave the steelworks plant in Scunthorpe as owner British Steel goes into liquidation. The Mirror’s. want urgent action to save the steel industry and prevent the loss of thousands of jobs.

Tata Steel is the latest company to announce that it’s cutting jobs in Britain. The Indian-owned firm has announced plans to get rid of 1,170 people at its plants in Scunthorpe and. action from the.

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Shop workers cheered while others left their homes to applaud the 700 people on a Save Our Steel’ march through Scunthorpe.

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A steel worker leaves British Steel’s Scunthorpe works, at the end of his shift, which has been forced into liquidation today on May 22, 2019 in Scunthorpe, England. Christopher Furlong New.

Tata Steel and trade union leaders have agreed a deal to save 8,000 jobs in the steel industry and the Port Talbot. which would result in a 10% cut to members’ benefits. The British Steel pension.

 · For businessman Des Comerford, the hammer blow of the collapse into administration of British Steel at Scunthorpe was the moment people have talked about for.