DIY Retirement Savings Exacerbate American Families’ Already High Economic Instability

The key is for students and families to be educated on the process of applying for and selecting loans. And we know that despite the economic burden a college. can come from personal assets,

9. Why should Americans care about family economic hardship? In addition to the harmful consequences for children, high rates of economic hardship exact a serious toll on the U.S. economy. Economists estimate that child poverty costs the U.S. $500 billion a year in lost productivity in the labor force and spending on health care and the.

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Meanwhile, savers and mortgage holders already know the Bank of the England is highly unlikely to raise interest rates while deflation remains a threat and the global economic outlook. Those.

Housing is more affordable in areas with less economic opportunity. SF, DMV, NYC are all economic hotspots and see super high housing costs (related). There are so many areas where NIMBY types block new builds because they want to see their already high home values continue to rise. Even those that are never going to sell.

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x 63% of respondents are not confident that their retirement savings are adequate to keep them financially stable in retirement. x While 50% of respondents have required, or expect to require long-term care at some point, only 18% have long-term care insurance.

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Galbraith, would help alleviate the shocking erosion of retirement savings that has occurred in the current recession-$2 trillion over the past 15 months, according to the Congressional Budget Office-ensuring that those that have worked their whole lives do not descend into poverty at the whims of the stock market (Orszag, 2008).

 · When Bad financial advice pushes seniors into Poverty. April 20, 2016. of Labor announced its final fiduciary rule that would require financial professionals who advise on how to invest retirement savings to act in their clients’ best interest. The fiduciary rule is much more than an obscure legal concept-it’s a commonsense action that.