Five things home buyers should never say

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5 Things to Never Say When Selling a Home By Mullen real estate team. because they spent a ton of money on some upgrade to the home shouldn’t believe that upgrade will be so desired by home buyers nor will it necessarily get them a ton of money back at resale. "The buyer doesn’t care.

While it may be tempting for buyers to say what’s on their mind during the house hunt, agents should encourage them to pause for a moment.There are some things homebuyers should never say on the.

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When selling your home, there are certain things y. Skip navigation. 5 Thing Sellers Should Never Say to Potential Buyers Iron Point Mortgage. there are certain things you should never say.

Home selling is as big of a decision as home buying. While selling your home there are a few things that one must always be precautions about. Below mentioned is a list of 5 things one must be mindful of when selling a home. 1. Never set unrealistic expectations-

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Of course, everybody knows the seller should immediately leave the home when a buyer appears on the doorstep with an agent in tow, but it’s the comments from the seller on the way out that can cause problems. A seller doesn’t have to be present for the entire home tour to say the wrong thing.

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