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TWELVE Ten Things a Loan Officer Must Master . The purpose is to know what it will take for a Loan Officer to become an expert and differentiate themselves from the competition. 1. Learn the real estate process. I know of loan officers who say they don’t like working with real estate agents and still others who have never bought a home.

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How to Be a Loan Officer. When an individual or business needs a loan, they talk to a loan officer at a financial institution like a bank, credit union, or lending company – this is who helps them apply and gathers information that d.

How to Become a Loan Officer In most instances, a loan officer requires a bachelor’s degree in finance or business. They need to understand general business accounting and be able to read financial statements in order to properly analyze the finances of those applying for credit.

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Should You Become a Loan Officer? You got: You Might Make a Good Loan Officer Loan officers help customers obtain funds. ImagesBazaar / Getty Images You have most of the qualities that loan officers need, but not all of them. Loan officers must have excellent listening and critical thinking skills, and must be service-oriented.

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Find out how to become a loan officer. Research the education and training requirements and learn about the experience you need to advance your career as a loan officer.

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