In desperate pockets of Appalachia, Trump is a desperate survival bid

The Swamp Is Desperate to Rid Itself of Trump. Same thing with Eric Holder at the Department of Justice. He doesn’t have to meet with Obama to decide not to prosecute African-Americans in the New Black Panther Party for voter fraud the Philadelphia area in the election in 2008. Obama didn’t have to tell him to do that.

The votes are in – an update to "Appalachia as Trump Country" On November 23, 2016 November 23, 2016 By elizabeth In appalachia , election 2016 , public history Last month, I wrote an essay about the media’s overuse of Appalachia – and particularly West Virginia – as a mythic Trump Country during the election cycle.

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LOGAN, W.Va. – Mike Kirk leans across the counter of the pawnshop where he works for $11 an hour. It’s less than half what he made in the mines, but the best he can do these days. Many of the.

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After a recent Trump rally in West Virginia, countless news articles and academics dismissed Trump’s pledge to bring back coal as impossible, tied to market forces and geology.

And desperate people, throughout history. the road was perfectly paved for the ascent of Donald Trump. He won by spectacular margins all across the coalfields. From Appalachia to the Rust Belt to.

LA Developers Are Getting Desperate As Megamansion Glut Worsens An inflexible job market and a popped property bubble have left Spain with little choice but to make painful cutbacks. As part of an ongoing in-depth series on the European financial crisis, WSJ’s.

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) HIGHLANDS, N.C. – In this corner of Appalachia, poverty takes a back seat. rural towns amid pockets of extreme wealth. Its survival could hinge on a Supreme Court ruling.

But it is the new right, following President Donald Trump’s lead, that is taking a hammer to the system. Conservatives who care for their movement’s integrity and their country’s identity ought to.

DIVIDED AMERICA: To some, Trump is a desperate survival bid. But nowhere has the plummet of the white working class been as merciless as here in central Appalachia. And nowhere have the cross.

A Desperate Republican Scheme to Save Donald Trump. During the 2016 election, Trump and other Republicans claimed that Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the Uranium One deal in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, nine government departments signed off on the transaction, and the state department officials involved have said that Clinton played no role.