Iran’s Khamenei Searching For His Successor

Open drawer menu open search bar.. Inside the battle to succeed supreme leader Khamenei.. Ayatollah Khamenei will have a pivotal role in deciding his successor but the economy and Iran-US.

Iran’s Supreme Leader ayatollah ali khamenei has been ill for quite some time, and over the years there have been speculations on his possible successor. The developments over the past year indicate that a possible successor is emerging. Though it may be hard for some to believe, the possible.

Therefore, the situation is totally different now in Iran. Khamenei is not Khomeini. It is uncertain that if he names his successor in his will, as Khomeini did, the state’s powerful will pay heed to it or not. The IRGC’s power has also increased over the past years. It has a bigger clout and say over the country’s affairs.

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Iran’s 77-year-old supreme leader’s health is declining. In 2014, Khamenei underwent prostrate surgery, fueling debate over his successor. According to political analyst Reza Alijani, conservatives.

He has mentioned that his successor should be a revolutionary and has asked members of the assembly not to be "timid." His office, the core of Iran’s deep state, is likely to support a hardliner. The radical clergy in seminaries and the IRGC are likely to back the same candidate.

In its history, Iran only had two supreme leaders: ruhollah khomeini, who held the position from 1979 until his death in 1989, and Ali Khamenei, who has held the position since Khomeini’s death. In theory, the Supreme Leader is elected and overseen by the Assembly of Experts.

it is unclear whether Khamenei will choose a successor himself or leave it up to the assembly to decide. Iran has changed supreme leaders only once. In a rather botched attempt, Khomeini appointed.

Has Ebrahim Raisi been tagged as Iran’s next Supreme Leader? Raisi is viewed as hardline and there would be major implications for the US and Israel if he succeeds Khamenei as opposed to some.

Over the past year, Raisi has been touted as a frontrunner to become Khamenei’s successor, a higher position than that of the president. His bid for presidency has puzzled Iranian political.

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Iran’s Khamenei Searching For His successor. june 10, 2019 Social and Political. Radiofarda – The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is eighty-years-old. For a senior Shi’ite cleric in the Iranian regime, the eighth decade of life does not necessarily mean.

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