Report: Student Loan Debt Thwarts Do-Over for Many Bankruptcy Filers

"That’s all about pollution, but in a student loan debt Thwarts Do-Over for Many Bankruptcy Filers Bankruptcy and the Protections of the Automatic Stay – Debt Help – Filing for bankruptcy will immediately stop your wages from being garnished. In addition, if the debt qualifies under bankruptcy law, you may be able to even discharge it through your bankruptcy filing.

Many consumers aren’t fully prepared for the long-term impact of a bankruptcy on credit. Filing can devastate your credit score. Additionally, even after you start rebuilding your financial life, your filing can show up on your credit report for seven to 10 years (depending on the type of filing).

How The Sale Of Discharged Debt Thwarts The Bankruptcy Discharge. Many are faced with a difficult choice–pay the discharged debt and obtain the credit that they need, or hire an attorney and fight. The second option, obviously, takes more time and can be costly. That said, asserting and defending your legal rights is worthwhile.

In most cases, only your student loan debt, mortgage, child support and any judgements as a result of criminal activity will be left after a bankruptcy. Some states allow for one spouse to file without the other, wiping clean a spouse’s debts but leaving the other’s credit report more or less intact.

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